Central air conditioning centralized control system

2023-06-24 15:20

Central air conditioning is mainly used in large, user concentrated areas, such as shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc. Each area of these places can be independently controlled to meet the needs of different groups of people. Each area is generally adjusted and controlled by a temperature controller. Traditional temperature controllers can only be used on-site within the area. If there are no personnel on site, the area can only maintain its current state, which is very passive. For large enterprises, real-time temperature control of each area is required, and traditional control methods can only be completed manually, which greatly consumes manpower, material resources, and time costs.

The central air conditioning centralized control system can independently adjust, control, and monitor the temperature of various areas in the venue, and can also use mobile devices to control the area to be managed through the internet, which is highly likely to save manpower, material resources, and time costs.


High speed and high efficiency stable balance control

Monitoring and control: The system monitoring function displays the usage status of measuring equipment and control terminals through a list. When a device in the system malfunctions, the system sends a remote fault alarm, saves fault records, and regularly tracks fault detection. The system has remote control function, that is, it can directly control the use of the terminal from the control center of the system, such as turning on and off; Alternatively, set energy-saving mode or other functions on a regular basis. The system can also use remote control to lock the temperature controller to prevent operation.

Time phased control plan

The system can set the temperature and start stop status of each or each group of temperature controllers according to the pre-set time segment control plan based on the usage of different time periods of the real estate project. (such as different work plans for different time periods in school dormitories and teaching buildings).

Time phased temperature collection

The system integrates predefined temperature collection functions in different time periods. According to multiple pre-defined time periods by the user, the system collects the temperature and all working states of each temperature controller at different time periods, and allows for querying and exporting data reports at any time period.

Energy consumption statistics and billing function

The system will accurately record the usage time of each temperature controller, and based on the power of the load, analyze the energy consumption status of each temperature controller by day and month (unit: KWH), and automatically prompt rooms with abnormal energy consumption. Administrators can develop a reasonable usage plan for each temperature controller based on the statistical results. Effectively improving energy consumption utilization and extending the service life of temperature controllers. At the same time, it can automatically calculate the monthly electricity consumption of each household, and automatically calculate the electricity bill per user and generate reports.

Query and report generation

The report management adopts an automatic report generation mechanism, allowing administrators to flexibly generate reports for each data query and calculate usage reports for any specified time period.

Permission management

System permissions are hierarchical management, and different personnel have different management permissions. The system administrator has the highest privileges and can also assign other personnel access to the system. Due to the unified management of permissions, the confidentiality and security of data are ensured. It can prevent unauthorized personnel from operating and damaging the system or data.

Data Security Design

The usage data of each user in the system is stored in a hierarchical manner. At the same time, the system also provides data for every

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